Reminding every customer through our brand values that it is indeed possible to live a sunshine state of mind. We believe everyone deserves to live life to their full potential and that is why we support charitable causes that help to improve the lives of children across the world.

We will do our best to always release products that are appealing and classic with the intention of spreading our social message which promotes positivity and good vibes. Our clothing will set out an empowering message; it is possible to live above the limitations placed by society, nothing is capable of depriving an individual the right to live a happy life and to enjoy the beauty of every new day. We understand that not everyone is fortunate to have access to support, education and personal development resources. That is why we are passionate about helping children in developing countries. We believe everyone deserves an opportunity.

The promotion of our values serve as a daily reminder that it is indeed possible to achieve in the following areas;

Look good, feel good, do good

Every time a customer wears a beautiful apparel, they will not only look good but will also feel the pride of helping to make the world a better place. SSOM is focused on helping children in developing countries to become educated, teaching new skill sets and supporting the younger generation to realise and maximise their potentials. Lovers of SSOM will enjoy a good look and also have the opportunity to do good.

Ability to trust themselves

Lovers of SSOM will believe in their ability of getting things done irrespective of the limitation faced by others. The social message we promote through our brand will be a driving force towards the ability to take up any new and complex task.

Quit comparison

Lovers of SSOM will appreciate the value of celebrating their uniqueness without making unhealthy comparisons that will sap away their vitality. They will boldly flaunt their unique skills and utilise it for the good of the society.

Supporting one another

Lovers of SSOM will be a part of a family that enjoys the need to support one another and radiate love.

Creating positive vibes

Lovers of SSOM will be pacesetters in the promotion of positivity. Our products will be seen as a source of hope and happiness, leading to a never-give-up attitude.