Fashion is at the heart of what we do, so we strive to do it well and provide an amazing customer experience at the same time.

But let’s put that aside for now and talk about something that is deeply important to us here at SSOM headquarters.

When we launched the company this year, we set out on the mission to support causes which help support the youth.

So, we are very excited to announce that since launching in May 2019, we have donated 10% of each item sold to national charity ‘Youth Music’, which supports children and young people to positively change their lives through music.

This charity not only helps young people realise their potential and gives them a platform where they can pursue their passion, but also helps them to develop their skills and take the next steps to create real change.

Youth Music works particularly with those who don’t get to make music because of who they are, where they live, or what they’re going through. The charity supports children and young people to build their confidence, resilience, and self-esteem. To meet different kinds of people, learn to trust each other, and make friends. To develop vital skills they need, get support to be able to face the world, and take control of their own lives.

Projects funded by Youth Music help to break down barriers at all stages – helping children develop an early love of music, providing diverse role models, introducing young people to a wide variety of potential career paths, and working with the music industry to make its practices more inclusive.

We are sincerely humbled by the amazing work this charity does for the youth and are so fortunate to be in a position to donate to them with the help of our amazing customers. However, we will not stop just here, but will aim to support and change as many young lives as possible through our donations to charities.

If you want to find out more about the amazing work Youth Music carries out, then please visit