Something awesome takes place every time you visit our website. We are a fashion brand with an empowering message and purpose. Every purchase you make will surely make you look good, feel good and also enables you to do good. With your help we support causes that help to improve the lives of children across the world.

Sunshine State of Mind (SSOM) is a brand that caters for the fashion needs of both men and women globally. Here you can find the very best of contemporary urban fashion that is linked with a high level of quality and a supreme touch of excellence in all the designs that we produce.

SSOM is based in the UK and was established organically in 2018. Founder Sunny who is a mindset and personal development coach, has always valued the importance of having a sunshine state of mind. Sunny has one main goal and that is to be happy and to live to one’s fullest potential. He believes a life full of happiness is indeed possible if one realises their potential and power. To remind all his friends and family that happiness is a state that derives from within, Sunny had his own t-shirt made which stated ‘sunshine state of mind’, this quickly became a popular notion with all those around him. Other people too started supporting this and asking where these could be purchased. After noticing a demand, ‘Sunshine State of Mind Ltd’ was born with two main purposes, spread a powerful message of positivity across the world and support children in developing countries who lack the resources to reach their potential and live a happy life.

Our company values the need to be a major player in making positive contributions in the lives of people as much as we can, that is why we support causes that help to improve the lives of children across the world such as; helping children to become educated, supporting these individuals to realise and maximise their potentials, developing skill sets and providing support to those who need it.

Within a short period of time, the company has witnessed a huge following from those who seek to associate with a unique brand and also share in its value proposition. You can rest assured; our suppliers are fully certified in a wide range of areas including social and environmental responsibility. The production of all of our clothing complies with ethical standards.

More so, our brand speaks of the values that we hold dearly. We are of the belief that everyone deserves to have a sunshine state of mind that reflects in their body language, their character and their interaction with others. Making the world a better place by releasing good vibes and inspiring those around you is an important aspect of our business.

You can count on our service in delivering quality customer support, we will gladly respond timely to any request and any challenge faced when making a product purchase.

Feel free to regularly visit our website so you can have good knowledge of our regular latest product release and how we are making an impact around the world. You are definitely at the right destination for best-in-class lifestyle clothing and a good jolt of positivity.

“true happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents”

John W. Gardner