An original is worth more than a copy

Sunshine State of Mind®, also known as SSOM is a UK based urban fashion brand that strives to stand apart through its designs, values and message. We are dedicated to making unique one-off designs. We pride ourselves in exclusivity, supreme quality and delivering a first-class customer experience.

We encourage individuality and creativity through our pieces and therefore cater to individuals who have their own sense of style.

A part of our social responsibility is to create high quality, long lasting pieces you will cherish and create many memories in. We are opposite to fast fashion, we focus on quality and individuality. We do not mass produce any designs. All our bespoke pieces are stitched with a touch of excellence in a limited quantity only. Once it’s sold out, it’s gone. But worry not, we will always aim to release our must have designs consistently.

We endeavour to create a movement through our fashion line which encourages our customers to live their best life through a mindset of positivity, motivation, good vibes and happiness. This concept is so close to our hearts that we aspire to donate to causes that support and help change the lives of the youth around the world.

Whether that’s supporting educational needs, encouraging individuals to realise and maximise their potentials, supporting mental health, developing skill sets and providing support to those who need it. We want to impact as many people as possible.

Within a short period of time, the company has witnessed a huge following from those who seek to associate with a unique brand and also share in its vision. You can rest assured; our suppliers are fully certified in a wide range of areas including social and environmental responsibility. The production of all of our clothing complies with ethical standards. 

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“true happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents”

John W. Gardner